Mobile first CRM to

A Complete Solution for Your Field Sales Team and Relationship Managers

4_Build High Performing Sales Team on the Field

Know why Startups to Companies Across 20+ Countries Use Toolyt !

360 Degree View of Customers

Unify all customer data in a single screen, and offer guided tasks for each process such as calls, meeting , onboarding etc.

Workflows and Automations

Prioritise relationships and connect across the lines of business with referral routing, actionable insights, scoring etc.

Complete Productivity Suite

Put Artificial Intelligence to work for your sales team, to personalise every engagement across their Books of Business.

Lead Management

Automate your Lead Capture

Capture leads from multiple sources such as marketing channels, contact pages, field etc. and implement rules for auto-allocation to reduce dependencies.

  • Automatic Lead Allocation
  • Intelligent Profiling
  • Stage wise tracking
  • Rule based Triggers & Escalations

Customer Engagement

AI Mobile Assistant to Keep track of Engagements

Intelligent Assistant (Dot) to help you key-in the meetings/call information in a single click, without even opening the app. Dot also provides actionable insights, in realtime

  •  Form-less data entry
  •  Geo-intelligence with recommendations
  •  Task or meeting recommendations
  •  Recommendation based on Historical Trends

Location Intelligence

Light-weight Location Features with Less Battery Consumption

Identify nearby opportunities on the go and deliver actionable recommendations such as meeting, route planning etc. while your sales guys is on the field.

  • Intelligent Route Planning 
  • Live tracking to handle red hours
  • Nearby Lead Recommendation


360 Degree Visibility

Complete visibility into Customers Engagements

Comprehensive customer profile with curated information to see the complete information about customer. Manage tasks, deals, visits or anything from a single profile.

  • Hashtags (#) and Tagging (@)
  • Forms & contacts Manager
  • Actionable Insights in the profile
  • Seamless Integrations