Toolyt Referral Program

Isn’t it nice to get recurring revenue, for  each referral you make*

How does this Work ?

Share the details of lead, and we will make the closure for you.

Start Earning 10-25% Recurring Revenue, based on the model we engage.

There could be chance that you can Earn for Lifetime*, every month.

growth with toolyt

Partnership models

Referral Partner

If you have existing customer, potential for Toolyt as well, you may do the introduction and we'll take care of the rest. Feel free !

Strategic Partner

Best model to work, if you have bandwidth and more time to work, we work together to demo and make the closure. Make more !

Technology partner

If you are running a tech company or having a tech product, and if there is a scope to integrate with Toolyt and co-sell. This is for you !


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can, we work with many professionals, consultants and freelancers across the globe, You will get the same benefits as we give to our partner companies.

We will transfer money via Paypal, Bank NEFT or online credit/debit cards. Payments will be give to you only when we receive from the clients.

We are not restricted to any locations. We are already in 20+ countries and growing. If you think you can help us put our feet in your ground, lets talk. Email to

Yes, we will pay you till the customer you refer is with us. We have multiple other models as well, let’s talk. Connect with us on

Yes, if you wish to keep it confidential from client that who referred you, we will make sure your identity is safe.

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