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Lead + Customer

Your team's digital diary to manage customer meetings and get 360 Degree view with reminders.

Collaboration + Productivity

Add-ons to help your team do the on-boarding with OCR features, Credit Score integrations & so on.

Integration + API

Powerful integration with Core Banking Systems, CRMs, Loan Management tools etc.

Frontline Acceleration Via Gamification

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Intelligent Assistant for your Sales Team

Toolyt is beyond lead management solution or a collaborative tool. Toolyt has add-ons to manage team’s reports, activities, leaves, expenses etc. Switch off-on as per your requirement

  • ➡ Lead Management 
  • ➡ Accounts, contacts, opportunities
  • ➡ Lead Recommendation
  • ➡ Custom forms & Survey
  • ➡ Product Catalogue
  • ➡ Meeting Schedule & Reminders 
  • ➡ Chatter (Like Whatsapp, don’t let the data go away with Sales team)
  • ➡ Task Manager
  • ➡ Leaderboard, Gamification & KPIs
  • ➡ Jobs Manager
  • ➡ Broadcast
  • ➡ Feeds & Collaboration
  • ➡ Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Custom Report
  • ➡ Team Performer Dashboard
  • ➡ Approval expense, leave, task, jobs via App
  • ➡ Assign tasks, jobs to the field officers 
  • ➡ Workflows to reduce dependency
  • ➡ Reminders, triggers and Escalations 
  • ➡ Pre-defined workflows
  • ➡ Rules such as round-robin to manage auto lead assignments
  • ➡ Integrated workflow with internal tools to reduce dependency
  • ➡ Automation based on events or data triggers
  • ➡ Task allocation based on a lead or job assignment 
  • ➡ Auto approvals based on conditions
  • ➡ Actionable insights in realtime
  • ➡ Intelligent workflows to remove dependency and increase access to the data in realtime
  • ➡ In-mobile nuggets to recommend best action items on the goo
  • ➡ Meeting reminders, recommendations and auto check-ins
  • ➡ Toolyt dot to improve productivity with the help of peer-to-peer learning
  • ➡ Wall-of-shame with recommendations to increase position in leaderboard

We have opened our APIs to enable any integration, which can be done by yourself by visiting our API section. You can write your own workflows for e.g. Assign lead automatically to the person near to the customer location or Show the IB data in the customer profile, without storing the data in Toolyt

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