Field Sales Forecasting eBook

The thought of mastering complex forecasting formulas, algebraic equations, linear graphs and a PhD in Excel sheets is certainly unappealing.But there really is no need to over-complicate things. 

Just think about it.

Quantitative Methods of Sales Forecasting

Based on mathematical (quantitative) timeseries models, they use objective sets of historical sales data to predict likely revenue increases in the future. They’re going to be your best bet if you’ve got some sales data readily available.

Why Data Accuracy is a Must to Have for Sales

A good sales forecasting model is one with a low margin of error, or in other words, one that gets as close to the real figures as possible. But is it possible to get close to those figures if data entered to the model is a little off?


How do I get cleaned data from the field

By choosing a mobile sales tool that your sales reps actually use.If you can simply get your team using it and using it regularly, 99% of your data accuracy issues are resolved right then and there.