Insure your Team's With Intelligent Personal Assistant

Toolyt helps your team to focus on what really matters: building relationships. Have access to all the information you need including portfolio coverage, policies and real-time interactions between you and your brokers, agencies or agents.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

One single interface to manage customer interactions, with effective ways to analyse daily priorities, up-sell, cross-sell opportunities etc. with help of data.

Agent's Productivity

Agent's Productivity

Drive the right behaviours of field force with 300+ configurable KPIs to analyse the efforts taken by the agents, along with the leaderboard and gamification.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We built Toolyt Dot, an intelligent personal assistant for your agents or sales to get actionable insights, as nuggets, instantly without opening the app.

Everything is now at your fingertips.

Toolyt helps you improve relationships with brokers by making sure they have the proper portfolio coverage and offering them the support they need to enhance production numbers.



Rule Based or Event Based Routing

Toolyt helps you manage and distribute the leads from multiple source in realtime, with the help of pre-defined rules or AI Technology. Reward best performing agents with maximum number of leads.

8_Rule Based or Event Based Routing
5_Monitor Performance and Interactions



Monitor Performance and Interactions

Get the realtime visibility into the engagements between field agents and customers. Powerful insights generated by Toolyt can help you coach the team to be more efficient and aligned with your strategy.



Keep the Data under your Control

Reduce dependencies by bringing ever stake holders into single platform and provide them with safe and secured chat box, task manager etc. to increase the engagement within the team.

6_Keep the Data under your Control
7_Quick Onboarding and Extended APIs



Quick Onboarding and Extended APIs

We have built powerful APIs to integrate with your internal tools and provide realtime access to information. You can have your team using Toolyt in a matter of days, not even weeks.

Features and
“Toolyt is light and easy to manage. We were able to make it live in matter of hours."
Herman Norton
Studio Director
“You can increase productivity in the Salesforce field by automating your workflow, your time in the field, expenses, among other important features "
Gerardo P
Project Development Manager