Mobile CRM e-book, a brief journey from Desktop based CRM to Mobile CRM

With the advent of the latest technology and easy availability of the Internet and compatibility of mobile devices to do the tasks, which were once only possible on desk-tops, have changed the approach of customers and business.

The mobile device users expect real-time interaction and information to be available from anywhere and at any time. Sales staff who are always on the field, meeting clients, require access to crucial information like schedules, meetings, customer details, and documents. They require information when they are not at their desks.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes to the rescue of the sales team and other related support teams to access information and details in real-time.


Part 1. CRM Horizon

  • Overview of CRM system
  • Why is Mobile CRM important
  • Benefits of using Mobile CRM
  • Tell-Tale signs to know when Mobile CRM is needed for your firm

Part 2. Procedure for CRM installation

  • Keep it Simple
  • Features and Characteristics to look in Mobile CRM

Part 3.  Befitting CRM  – Time To Choose

  • Search Research
  • Provisional usage – Demo Trial
  • Customer Support
  • Costing and Pricing of  Mobile CRM

Part 4. CRM endorsement

  • A Glance of Mobile CRM implementation


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