Your Team’s expenses in the best hands

The only comprehensive Expense solution to help your Employees get reimbursed instantly with a tap of a button

Happy Repeh Employee

Available to 100% Workforce in your Company

Keep your entire team happy & engaged repeh that can be offered to 100% of your workforce

No change to your Current Payroll Process

Integration is minimal with no changes to your current payroll timing and process, Keep it simple.

Easy and quick onboarding in one-day

Our customer success team will make your transition to Repeh quick, effortless and delightful

Happy Employees Stays

Empower your employees to get their expenses reimbursed with one click anytime and anywhere

Through our patent pending technology, you can empower them to meet financial goals and pay bills on time. Employees who reach financial security at your company stay longer, Increasing turnover and improving bottom line profits.

For each expenses your team has, they can record in Repay/Toolyt App to get approved from Managers. And approved expenses can be withdrawn whenever they need.

Yes, you may control how much can be spent by your employees by each type of expenses. For e.g. want to limit $10 each day for Meals?

Your team is free to add any type of expenses, including bills as well as Mileage expenses. Toolyt/Repeh also users to set Per KM cost and upload bills.

Yes, the apps can be downloaded directly from the play store and use with your credentials. Also, managers can login to approve or monitor via web as well.