Store Audit Automation Highlights


Toolyt helps you to customise Audit forms with as much as details you need to collect. Create best practice among your team, ask them to schedule audits, and update information in just a tap.

Output: Increase Productivity by 100%*


Enable GPS tagging, monitor visits/audits accuracy by corss checking locations. Customise data collection form, schedule and assign from the web console And after all we'll create analytics with your data.

Output: Improve Data Accuracy by 90%*

Why Choose Toolyt SFA;

Here is how you can implement Toolyt SFA for your Company.

Retail inspection planning can be challenging. Traditional paper­based retail inspections are often time-consuming and inefficient. Toolyt SFA helps retail professionals manage and streamline their inspection activities. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones running a mobile inspection software solution enable field reps to collect retail data with ease. A retail inspection software solution allows not only creating an instant electronic record of the inspection performed, but it also provides instant insights for field team managers. This reduces the time between identifying a situation that requires attention and correcting it. Paperless retail inspections also enable eliminating awkward data re-entry, saving time and minimizing mistakes.