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A Complete Solution for Your Field Sales Team and Relationship Managers

If you have a Large B2C or B2B sales Team, Toolyt is your right choice !

Whether your team works with long sales cycles or recurrent sales, Toolyt will make them more efficient.


Makes it easy for your team to be prepared for upcoming visit. Get full visibility of all recent interactions (RCPA, Prescriptions etc..) so they can be prepared for any eventuality.

Medical Devices

Helps your team ensure all their conversations with clients are recorded so they can refer to information at a later date and improve client relations.

NBFC (SME) & Banking

Complete digital transformation partner for retail and corporate banking teams. Manage leads & integrate with LOS/LMS etc. to mark logins without dependency.


Have access to all the information you need including portfolio coverage, policies and real-time interactions between you and your brokers, agencies or agents.

Other B2B or B2C Sales

Real time data makes healthy difference

is extremely easy to use and its users consider it to be relevant and helpful with their day to day activities (80% of sales teams in the healthcare industry use the app daily). 

Even working offline, they still have access to all the information they need. This high usage leads to higher levels of quality accurate data to help you define your sales strategy, monitor progress, coach your team to success, and help it grow.

An Intelligent Field Sales Productivity Tool

Made to Deliver Higher Sales Productivity

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