An Intelligent Lead Management Tool for your Sales Team

A Complete Solution for Your Field Sales Team and Relationship Managers

The Lead Management that Goes Far Beyond Contact Management.

Your business needs are ever evolving. Toolyt Automatically logs your sales activities so you can spend more time working through your pipeline and less time on busywork.

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Lead Allocation

  • Automatic Lead Capture
  • Rules Based Lead Routing
  • Triggers and Escalations
  • Lead Sharing with Team

Seamless Integration

Integrate Toolyt with your internal systems for improved visibility, better forecasting and generate better predictions. Thus, improving ROI from existing CRM investments.

Lead Tracking

  • Customisable Pipelines
  • 360 Degree View
  • Actionable insights in Realtime
  • Contacts & Company Insights

Location Intelligence

Detect nearby Opportunities and Live route planning with light-weight , battery optimised geo-tracking solution. 


Be the first to hear of news affecting your contacts

Toolyt’s AI-powered News Engine scans far and wide to find news affecting your contacts and serves it to you, curated and in time! Also, specify how often you want to stay in-touch, and automatically get reminded on who to contact. 

Never lose touch again and stay warm with those who matter most.

15_Partner Onboarding


Discover new prospects and monitor existing customers

Toolyt helps you in improving your sales conversions by having all leads in one place over the map, highlighted in different colours, keeping a complete track of conversations, activities and by doing fail-safe follow ups.

Toolyt also recommends more than 60 categories of leads on Google map with it’s co-ordinates, contact details etc, so that your sales team can add them as a lead in a single tap.

Stay ahead of your Competitor !


Never miss to Call or Engage with Customer again.

Alert sales people and set up tasks for them as soon as their leads take any notable action. 

Record any communication like call, text, email, face-to-face. Add notes against each call, schedule follow-up calls, review your comms before your next call and always be prepared.

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