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World’s Largest Healthcare company use Toolyt Across 15+ countries to increase field sales productivity and Adoption.

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Discover Leads & Opportunities

Toolyt helps your field sales team to connect with the local geo-data, in realtime to discover more hospitals & clinics nearby, along with the basic details such as contact informations, co-ordinates etc

1_Discover Leads & Opportunities

Plan & Optimise Customer Visits

With Toolyt Dot, an intelligent personal assistant (AI) for your saes team, your sales team can now focus on engaging more with the customers and planning daily customers visits effectively.

Collaborate & Boost Productivity

Toolyt is powered with various add-ons such as Task Manager, Connect (live chat), Jobs manager, Broadcast etc, enabling more engagement between managers and field sales team. 

3_Collaborate & Boost Productivity

Fall in Love with our Features

Real time stats

Access to realtime information regarding the activities of field sales team, and provide support to them. Forget traditional paperworks and excel sheets

Multilingual & Localizable

Toolyt is available currently in more than 10 languages, all the currencies and supported to work in multiple timezones.

Leaderboard & Gamification

With the AI based system we built, Toolyt shows the position of each sales team, in realtime and recommends best actions to increase the score.

Amazing Adoption

With the unique data collection mechanism, reduce the number of clicks and remove unwanted manual entries. Configure views and forms.

300+ KPIs for Monitoring

Tracking the sales team's location is the very old way, and no body likes it. We have created 300+ KPIs to analyse and understand the performance of team.

Integrate with Internal Tools

We have already integrated with CRM, ERP, Billing tools etc. with Toolyt. Reduce Dependency and provide real-time access to the data.