5 Sales Automation Practices By Mobile-CRM To Maximize The Sales Growth

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Sales is a fast-paced industry, with little or no time for sales reps and management to reflect on their performance and analyse where they stand. And, that’s the reason many sales-led businesses are opting for mobile-crm.

It’s a never-ending cycle centered on meeting target after target, from prospecting and generating pitches to making proposals, following up, and completing agreements.

According to McKinsey, more than 80 percent of businesses have been unable to increase sales and profitability over a long period.

o solve this problem, a good sales planning is needed, incorporating sales automation. Sales planning gives a framework for assessing sales potential, setting targets, and concentrating your sales team’s efforts for optimal performance.

It instructs your sales force on how to correctly discover and understand clients and prospects, analyse and quantify value, and give loyal customer support.

Let’s dive into the different types of sales automation you need to maximize the sales growth via Mobile-CRM:

1. Improving Lead Conversion Via Mobile-CRM

Sales Automation

Lead conversions are the lifeblood of your company. By increasing lead conversion rates, sales teams will spend less time and effort nurturing prospects and will be more efficient. However, how can you increase lead conversion? Lead acquisition, organisation, and scoring discipline will all aid conversion, and mobile-CRM will allow you to:

Consolidate and automate lead input to capture more leads. Prioritize leads for success by using lead scoring to prioritise them. Measure the lead conversion rate to keep track of your lead generation efforts. Leads may be nurtured and grown by implementing campaigns to target them.

2. Increase Sales Rep Efficiency

The majority of sales reps’ time is spent doing manual operations and looking for information. This is a huge time-waster. Consider how much time you could save by allowing your salesrep to do what they do best: sell!

Mobile CRMs sales automation laborious procedures, allowing reps to work more efficiently. 

3. Lead Scoring

The way they interact with you might also reveal their level of interest in your organisation. Knowing this will allow you to better target your automated campaigns by determining where they are in the sales funnel.

The need for guessing is eliminated when a lead scoring model is created. This entails assigning a numerical value to certain activities based on how crucial they are in demonstrating a customer’s interest. Viewing a blog article, attending a webinar, or browsing your price page are all examples of actions. Then, with the help of automated processes, you can award points to leads depending on their behaviours, and their score will tell you how valuable they are to your organisation.

4. Recognizing Potential Customers & Maintaining Customer Relationships

Sales automation allows you to separate potential consumers from those who do not appear to be promising. By doing so, you ensure that only those prospects who are interested in your product or service enter the sales funnel. As a result, you’re saving your sales team time and effort by directing them to prospects who are more likely to convert.

Often some of them are redundant, yet they are necessary when dealing with prospects or customers. Sending, follow-up emails, and reminders are among them. It’s difficult to hand send all of them. Automating these processes can help salesreps work more efficiently.

5. Reporting

Sales Automation

Sales managers must devote more than an hour every day on producing reports and attaching them to emails. They perform this arduous effort in order to keep their sales reps informed about their daily work. It keeps everyone informed about how things are progressing in the sales funnel and how results may be measured.

But, report creation takes longer since it requires a lot of manual labor of data entering and tabulation. There’s also the potential that the data will be recorded incorrectly. It may result in an incorrect report.

As a result, opting to automate the work of report production will make life much easier for sales managers, and the entire team will benefit from error-free reports. Mobile-CRM’s ability to produce daily reports not only saves time but also gives insights into the daily objectives.

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