10 Best Practices for Insurance Sales Teams

insurance sales strategies

In these globally uncertain times, it can be challenging to maintain perspective. The insurance sector stands apart from many industries due to its critical function during economic downturns, aiding businesses and individuals in risk management and safeguarding against losses.

To bolster spirits and foster team cohesion, we’ve curated a list of strategies for Insurance teams to optimize their use of Toolyt, especially while working remotely.

Here’s your essential guide to enhancing productivity and keeping your sights set on the overarching objectives.

Top 10 Strategies for Sales Teams

  1. Promote CRM Use: Boost productivity by advocating daily CRM use. Our data shows a surge in daily usage, especially among enterprise customers.
  2. Opt for Web App: Transition users to the Web App variant. If guidance is required, consult your customer success representative.
  3. Tailor Activity Labels: Adjust them for remote operations, such as specifying activity types for calls, video meetings, team discussions, or online demos.
  4. Set Realistic Goals: In light of the pandemic, transition from aggressive tactics to more defensive ones, like refining sales pipelines or attending online webinars.
  5. Enhance Communication: Utilize NewsManager to streamline communication. This premium feature is complimentary during the COVID-19 period.
  6. Optimize Toolyt for Tasks: Utilize Toolyt as a task management tool. Assign a new task upon checking in and mark it complete upon checking out.
  7. Leverage Data in Meetings: Elevate team discussions using data. Encourage reps to present on their achievements and utilize CRM data for training.
  8. Explore Better Tech Solutions: If your current tools falter under pressure, consider robust platforms like Zoom for uninterrupted communication.
  9. Embrace Digital Shift: The pandemic emphasizes the urgency of digital transformation. Revisit your strategy and make the necessary adjustments.
  10. Prioritize Customer Relationships: Find avenues to exhibit genuine care, fostering long-term customer loyalty. Guide your team to cultivate these bonds even more during this isolation period.

Bonus: The Toolyt services team is available for training and assisting in swiftly transitioning your team online. Contact your success manager for more!

Despite the daunting impacts of the pandemic on the global economy, the insurance sector is poised for resilience. Now is the time to digitalize, establish a rapport with clients, and adjust performance goals to keep your team inspired.

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