Toolyt’s 2022 Journey Recap: A year in review

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As we turn the page to 2022, we take a look back on our most beautiful cherished moments that defined and built something that can take us to the next leap.

From new partnerships and product features to overcoming challenges and adapting to a constantly changing world, 2022 has been a whirlwind of a year.

Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of our journey this year in review.

Feature Capsule!

This year, we added vital features to our Toolyt arsenal for an effective sales process with the reduced turnaround time for our customers.

After a thorough identification of solutions, we came up with metrics of success via critical features to enhance the business use cases. As our customers’ valuable feedback often ends up on our product roadmap.

Some notable ones deserve the mention, so here it goes -:

  • Sales Campaigns ( Identify your sales CHAMPION!) – Achieve your short-term revenue goals through the CAMPAIGN feature to effectively increase sales conversions.
  • Document Management ( One-stop place for all your Document Requirements) – Enable centralized access to all the customer documents required for the coverage process for immediate access to the documents pertaining to a lead.
  • Lead Scoring ( Only Sales-ready leads for Sales Officers) – The process of evaluating the sales readiness of a lead using a predefined technique. The parameters can be differentiated according to the business use cases. But, mostly identify actionable behavioural patterns and characteristics to know the buying intent.
  • Nach-Digio Integration & Loan Charges ( Seamless payment collection & loan calculation) – Make the entire payment collection seamless and simplified for all lending organizations. And, say goodbye to time-consuming processes & hello to the automated loan charge calculation process.

Building Team Culture!

With the rapid surge in demand for Work from office from our employees. This year turned out to be the best opportunity for everyone to know each other. And a perfect time for many engaging activities and taking much-needed time off from everyday work. 

Moreover, in 2022 we had the opportunity to collaborate with different brands involving various activities for our employees. Also, it was important for us to connect as a family and share ideas that could seize us to new heights.

We Turned 5 this year!

Five years ago, a team of passionate individuals came together with a dream of creating a tool that would make the lives of the sales team easier. And so, Toolyt was born.

Designed to act as a field assistant at the fingertips of salespeople, Toolyt has helped professionals across the globe streamline their sales processes and work more efficiently on the go.

As we celebrated five years of collaboration with our valued customers, we are proud to look back on the journey we have taken together. But we are not resting on our laurels. We are grateful for the constant support and guidance we have received along the way.

Successful Growth Journey

We are passionate about creating use cases which help businesses solve problems and achieve their goals. As more companies move towards digitisation, we are committed to simplifying and improving our software to serve businesses of all sizes. And, we are constantly striving to innovate and improve. And, this year was no different!

Improving many enterprises’ complex business workflows through automation & effective features. We were able to assist organizations to reduce their turnaround time for onboarding & optimise the sales process seamlessly.

A Big Thank you to all our Customers

We are grateful to our customers, users and teams on this incredible journey. The massive trust in us to handle your important work motivates us to constantly improve and be the best we can be.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and pushing us to be better every day.

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