Sales Gamification: A Vital Feature for Sales Reps

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Maintaining a long-lasting consistent performance from the sales team can be very complex. Sometimes motivation is all it takes to do something big! And, that’s the reason sales reps always tend to seek some extra motivation to close more deals. To enhance the extra zeal of motivation and the competitive edge, Gamification is the ideal process to win over your sales agents.

Usually, sales reps are hassling over their daily activities like cold-calling, reaching out to prospects, nurturing them and maintaining customer engagement. Often they end up short of their sales goals and always turn to their CRM to remind their duties and daily activities.

But, sales gamification can resolve all the complex tasks.

So, let’s get into it:

What exactly is Sales Gamification?

The technique of converting pipeline tasks like calling prospects, organising meetings, and closing deals into a game is known as sales gamification. Completing tasks frequently results in a reward, which pushes salespeople to keep doing the behaviours that made them succeed. Game components like levels, points, and badges are used to keep sales reps engaged and motivated.

According to a report conducted for more than 70% of companies using sales gamification tools, there was an increase between 11% to 50% in the measured sales performance.   In other words, it clearly implies that by applying game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges, there is an actual increase in performance.

Forbes in 2013 estimated that over 70% of the global 2000 companies’ List were recorded saying on a survey that they plan to use gamification for marketing and customer retention. 

Achievements Unlocked with Gamification

Many gamification programs are designed to improve customer loyalty. Gamification is always used to keep a happier and more competitive environment. Today it has established itself as a powerful process by which it is helping to address targets more successfully.

The four gaming strategies for business are focused, engaging, generous, and unconventional.

How Gamification is Useful for Sales Reps?

Hewlett-Packard reported that gamification offers a sales process that helps them achieve a rise in revenue of about 31 % to 44%.   Reasons gamification is useful for sales Rep:-

  • More sales transparency
  • Gamification tools help sales reps in increasing return on investment.
  • The software helps in improving the performance of the sales team.
  • Elevate the competitive edge
  • Real-time feedback
  • Improvement in the model of coaching

Gamification: Data-Driven Approach

  • 90% of employees say gamification makes sales reps more productive.
  • Employees report a 60% increase in engagement with qualified work experience.
  • Organisations that implement gamification in strategies are seven times more profitable than those that do not use it.

Strategic Tips for Businesses to Implement Sales Leaderboard:

Gamification strategy uses gaming techniques that motivate businesses to have consistent participation and long-term engagement. Here are a few tips to implement a gaming strategy into your sales leaderboard:

  • Implement a proper sales automation CRM with a suitable feature of gamification & leaderboard.
  • Identify the key metrics to measure the daily objectives
  • Provide valuable incentives to optimize the maximum productivity
  • Consistent evaluation & setting new goals

Toolyt – Your Sales Gamification Assistant

If you’re looking for a tool or a sales CRM which can actually improve the sales team’s engagement, conversions & revenue, then Toolyt Mobile CRM is the must-need field sales CRM for you.

One platform for all sales requirements, Toolyt automates the workflows as per your company and industry requirements. With the help of a sales leaderboard and gamification feature, the sales manager can analyze the effort and team performance in real-time with customized KPIs.

And, also enhances the sale process by adding competition and recognition for sales representatives. The feature has self goals or target goals for achieving personal objectives.

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