Sales insights!

Pre-built dashboard solely dedicated to your entire sales team to access all the sales metrics to explore and scale the revenue of the business at a go.

Unlock the power of data-storytelling

to grow your business

Quick Turnaround Time

Measure & track all the vital sales numbers to know which stage your team is lacking or optimise the stage-wise performance for quick TAT.

Performance Management

Quick access to all the sales metrics to have a thorough analysis of the conversions, leads, etc., to achieve set business objectives.

Sales Intelligence

Gain deeper analytical insights into customer growth and behaviour to drive engagement and internal strategic planning to close the deals.

Deep-dive into sales analytics to empower your team to close deals faster

Interact directly with the analytics through data visualization to guide your team & implement the business goals.

Actionable Insights

Get real-time analytics on lead activities, KPIs, and many other business metrics for high-performing teams.

Vital Sales Reports

Instant access to a comprehensive report of all the sales activities to monitor results.


Make smarter business decisions by engaging only with relevant & actionable sales data.

Track Sales Health

Capture & measure every data number to keep track of business goals. Ex- Performance vs Set targets

Boost Productivity

An effective data-driven dashboard for tracking crucial sales numbers to drive the productivity of the team.


Drill-deep into lead insights to provide the team with stage-wise analysis to understand the trend & behaviour.


An easy-to-understand sales data visualization to gain a better understanding of your sales analytics.

Fast Deal Closures

Optimise the deal conversions better & faster with the help of data visualizations of sales performance.


Let us analyse your current business flow and help you visualise the growth with a custom 1-1 demo.

You will have the option to choose from Microsoft teams / Zoom / Google Meet

Frontline acceleration via Gamification

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All about field sales automation and how to increase productivity