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Put Your CRM to work with Toolyt

Traditional CRMs were originally designed for sales managers; delivering reports and detailed sales analytics. However, as a result they often lack in mobility and are extremely difficult for field sales reps to use.

Discover and distribute leads & opportunities with the help of smart routing. Manage your leads, customers, deals & orders, meetings etc using Toolyt's intuitive mobile UI.

Toolyt was designed with the user in mind which is why more than 85% of users log in on a daily basis.

Manage your deskless field sales team, without a single email.

Share notes, files and data by tagging a lead or customer, opportunity etc.  across your company, so everyone moves together. 

Connect, engage, and motivate employees to work efficiently regardless of their role or location. Collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects with embedded apps and custom actions

How do you control the data you share in WhatsApp with your team? Worry no more, have complete access to any data you share with your team, and delete instantly once they are thrown out of the system.

Less worry and more secured.

Work with Proactive Team

Not track, but monitor what best sales performers are doing and worst performers aren't, with 300+ configurable KPIs & Leaderboard.

Self-management is key to motivating your team to overcome challenges and sell more. With Gamification and Goals, your field sales reps will be able to set their own goals.

User the power of Artificial Intelligence and intelligent Workflows, to recommend best actionable insights in realtime via mobile, through nuggets. Also, reduce dependency by automating tasks.

Take Action Anywhere

Extra is always better. Embrace additional functionalities with Toolyt that allows to integrate with your desired app so that you can excel and grow your business without any limitations.

As per the HBR Review, sales reps spends more than 50% of their time in collecting data and creating reports, or publishing back to multiple systems.

Consolidate customer data from multiple source. Push Toolyt data to your favorite tools.

Everything you need to streamline your Field Operation

Solve your field sales Problem Today

Mobile CRM

All the sales information on a smart and reliable mobile app, iOS & Android

Auto Self Reporting

Report any activity in less than 10 seconds & Automatically generate reports.

Goals and Leaderboards

Goals to make sure strategy is properly implemented in the field properly.

Contextual Alerts

Alert when you need the most, and at your fingertips, through nuggets.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI, Toolyt helps you in your day to day, with actionable insights.

Customer Growth

Planner for meeting and follow-up meetings to help reps prioritize clients

Focus on opportunities, not babysitting

Your business needs are ever evolving. With support from 1000s of sales people across 20+ countries, Toolyt ensures you’re future ready today…

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  • Deals and Orders
  • Paperless Onboarding (KYC)
  • 360 Degree View & Hashtags
  • Lead Recommendations 


  • Collaboration – Chat & Broadcast
  • Assign/Monitor Tasks & Jobs
  • Field Activity Insights
  • Assign Targets & Goals

Field Sales Team

  • Gamification & Leaderboard
  • Sales Campaign Planner
  • Actionable insights in Realtime
  • Route Optimisation


  • Data Access & Security
  • Surveys – Logical Forms
  • Integration – Power to Data
  • Intelligent Workflows

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