Transform your field sales operation

10x your workforce efficiency with the mobility solution built for handling the entire sales activities and internal collaboration.


Sales Enablement Suite

Unlock unparalleled scalability and flexibility with Toolyt's revamped 'Sales Enablement Suit'. Choose the modules that fit your unique enterprise demands, streamlining field sales like never before.

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Simple & effective mobile solution, served with modularity

Lead Management

Organize, prioritize, and engage prospects in one centralized platform with our enterprise-ready mobile first lead management software.

Assign leads to the right rep, right time
Automatically score and prioritize leads
Workflows and customer 360°
Deduplication, forget the hassle
Stage-wise analysis and reports
SLA , auto-escalation and re-allocations

Customer Onboarding

Streamline document collection, validate data in real-time via eKYC APIs, monitor TAT, and optimize the entire process through our mobile-first solution.

Visits and Sales Activity

Automates activity capture, freeing reps from extra work.

Create custom activities
Identify most engaging channels
Draw actionable insights

Collaboration and Sales Productivity

With better teamwork, onboarding gets quicker. In fact, good team collaboration can make things 30% faster. With Toolyt, you'll onboard customers swiftly and with ease

Approval & Deviations
Broadcast - Engagement
Connect - Conversation
Contest and Goals
KPI & Leaderboard

Scalability and Flexibility

For enterprises, every change request can mean added costs and delays. With Toolyt, you sidestep these hurdles, empowering admins to make swift changes in to business flows.

Complete Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Modules and Add-ons ; Level or Designation based
Security - Restriction for IP Data export/import etc.
Advanced forms
Masters & Sub-forms
Process Builder & Rules
Drag and Drop BI
Smart Dashboards
API & Webhooks

Customizable & flexible business-specific workflows built for all industries







Medical Devices


Integrations that Automates your Business Process

“Toolyt has played a vital role for us in reducing the turnaround time for our SME loan file. And, it was very much due to different functionalities like lead management, gamification and other features used by different teams in different departments to collaborate and gain every information in real-time at their fingertips via Toolyt mobile CRM.”

Divya Verma

PDEG Chief Manager, SK Finance - Jaipur