Sales productivity, improvised !

Increasing sales productivity starts with understanding it isn't a result of a lack of effort. Sales reps work hard, but not just on selling - 23% of their time is spent on reporting tasks rather than selling. 


Process consistency

Set clear targets & measure the workflow process with your ideal business strategy

Focus on key metrics

Evaluate performance & scale the business via effective KPIs to measure success

Automation & Collaboration

Delegate tasks automatically & brainstorm, and real-time communication all in one app

Sales leadership is distributed today!

It is vital to empower every sales rep in the team to make better decisions and simultaneously enable the man with the master key to keep a tab on everything going around in real time and increase productivity and sales.


Measure Performance

Track every sales metric in-depth for making data-driven business forecasting


Collaborate & Train

A real-time communication channel to train employees, collaborate & delegate tasks


Mobile CRM

Quick access to all the crucial information on your fingertips to close more deals faster


Schedule & Routine

From the number of meetings scheduled to the goals for the day, all automated!

Collect data

Flexible forms

Create flexible forms & make the data collection process organized & accessible


Target and Goals

Develop a high-velocity sales team by setting measurable targets and goals


Sales Campaigns

Ensure team accomplish all the short-term revenue goals with targeted sales campaigns


KPI & Leaderboard

Achieve maximum sales outcome & allocate points to the team based on the KPIs

Interested in running a pilot?

Before getting started with optimizing sales efficiency, try 1-1 pilot testing for faster & better implementation for your field agents & internal teams alike.

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