Sales reports

Actionable in-depth sales reports to analyse and monitor team performance to provide you with key business metrics to close deals quickly.


Identify sales roadblocks & make smart decisions via intelligent sales reports

Measure Sales Growth

Get a detailed view of every sales metric, from revenue to lost deals - via reports for the next best action & growth of the business.

Utilise Business Intelligence

Analyse all the sales data from reports & deliver actionable information to help managers make informed business decisions.

Sales Pipeline Health

Gain direct insights into the multiple sales pipelines to track the performance to identify positive and negative trends to help fulfill business objectives.


Better sales experience

Manage your field sales team with automated workflows, streamlined work experience and maximum productivity via a complete enterprise mobile CRM to achieve business objectives.

Daily Sales Reports

Eliminate guesswork & keep track of every sales rep's new deals, deals won, etc.

Analyse Sales Trends

Compare & analyse multiple sales reports to understand trends & patterns of your business health

Optimise Team Performance

Instant overview of the entire team's stage-by-stage activities and to increase performance

Sales Goals

Real-time insights to bridge the gaps between the team's strengths & weaknesses to attain sales goals 

Interested in running a pilot?

Before getting started with optimizing sales efficiency, try 1-1 pilot testing for faster & better implementation for your field agents & internal teams alike.

More Resources

White papers, case studies, webinars and other resources to learn more about sales productivity.