The 5 Ways To Enhance Your Customer Onboarding Process

Always close the sale!

This is the first thing you need to do when you’re selling something. You want to make sure that the person buying what you’re offering wants it as much as you do. So, always start by asking questions about what the buyer needs. Then, try to get them excited about the product/service you’re providing. Moreover, you’ll want to ask if there’s anything else you could provide to help them out. Finally, once you’ve gotten them interested in what you’re selling, you’ll want to close the sale. This is why the customer onboarding process plays a vital role in sales.

Customer onboarding should always start with scheduling. Customer onboarding should be a fun and exciting process. A jumping-off point for a long and prosperous relationship. This is the place where you make your first impression as a company.

How To Improve Your Customer Onboarding Process

There are lots of ways to improve customer onboarding, but these are the most impactful to your customer onboarding process –

1. Free Trials

One of the best ways to intrigue people about your product is by giving them free trials. It’s always beneficial for potential customers to try out your software and see for themselves them. Many companies try to implement this formula but often end up failing in converting them into sales. To not make that mistake, you can send regular automatic emails or welcome emails that include guides and instructions to use the product.

Moreover, through this process – you can analyze the data and know about the user’s behavior.


How do they interact with the product? Are they visiting FAQ pages frequently? Or if the user is struggling with the software?

You can actually use all this information to improve your customer onboarding strategy.

2. Show Them The Value

During your demo, you must make sure you share the value your product can provide. You must emphasize the value it will provide for their particular case. At its core, customer onboarding is a learning process; illustrate how your product or service will address their pain points and how your product will benefit them.

A personalized touch is always appreciated – offer relevant training or documentation that will be helpful.

3. Implementing A Mobile-CRM

The implementation of digital onboarding via organizations enables them to be present at all times during the sales process. Through digital customer onboarding, organizations can speed up the entire lead-to-sale journey by automating tasks and bringing in the majority of information to the front end.

Thus, Digital onboarding provides solutions such as KYC validation, lead management, profiling, etc. Due to these instant solutions, sales teams are guided to engage and close the deal with the customer quickly with the help of mobile CRM. Through digital onboarding, the chances of TAT(Turn around time) reduction are also very high.

4. Measure Customer Satisfaction During Onboarding

Completion is one of the most important metrics for measuring onboarding success. Typical financial organizations complete new account openings at about 30%, and applicants for loans at 10%.

In addition to improving completion rates, streamlining onboarding can provide additional insight into customer satisfaction. Monitoring and measuring your onboarding process is best achieved with a platform that includes information about both past and current processes.

Providing KPIs and metrics with help of customizable dashboards. You can engage and learn from customers in real-time, and use the feedback to refine the customer onboarding process.

5. Quality Customer Service

There will always be some people who will struggle with using your software in the beginning, regardless of how hard you try. Make sure you are prepared to offer additional support to those who need it.

Provide your representatives with training on key customer service skills so that they can answer common questions about your software. Make sure that CRM maintains a database with relevant information about each customer to help them with their work.

Customer Onboarding Made Simple

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new customers, making sure their questions or issues are addressed, and offering new products and services as their needs become apparent. Customer onboarding software is a key tool for onboarding.

Many onboarding practices come down to what the business needs and how they want to provide it. It is important for businesses to realize that onboarding is an important process for retaining customers as well as deepening relationships. This can be difficult because it requires the organization of the onboarding process across many departments and making sure that this process isn’t too complex.

Toolyt, as leaders in Automated SalesForce Solutions, can make your sales process easy and seamless. Empowering field sales reps and boosting channel performance, Toolyt mobile CRM provides an agent with a framework for planning what should be done daily to meet objectives. Toolyt can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present. Being a part of Toolyt’s journey is the first step toward success.

Make customer onboarding easy & simple!

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