Streamline the A3S Software Integration process & get actionable insights with Toolyt mobile CRM 

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Enterprises across every sector are always on the hunt for the ‘value’ they can create over their competitors and conquer the market size. And often new technologies are implemented to squeeze out the best possible outcome.  

With a clear vision of the output, API integrations can help organizations streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Most organizations look for seamless API integrations to create interconnected systems where data can be transferred between multiple tools. This helps to form a perfect ecosystem for the organization to maintain an effective business process and workflow. 

Toolyt’s Integration with A3S Software 

Initially started with a big enterprise having a requirement of integrating their internal tools ( A3S software) with Toolyt for easier automated workflows & sales processes.  

The complication that we were trying to solve was –

How to provide a seamless workflow for the organization to maintain real-time visibility plus insights into the sales hierarchy in a clear-cut manner via integration with A3S software. 

Taking into account creating an effective workflow for the organization to have an effective & faster loan disbursement process.  

Thus, it made us realise how easily Toolyt can be integrated with A3S, creating a unique interconnected ecosystem for the customer to make their loan disbursement journey an ideal daily exercise. 

Use-case example of A3S integration with the BFSI Sector 

For the last few years, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector has been on a high-growth path in India. As digital payments & adoption of the latest technologies have paved a way for new revenue streams for all financial institutions. The lending industry has been on roll with an estimated $ 1 trillion market size according to BCG. 

Moreover, after the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses realize they have been underutilizing their CRM software’s capabilities. 

But, how did Toolyt execute a perfect integration with A3S? 

API Integration

Toolyt orchestrated as a perfect tool to get clear-cut data insights and streamline the entire loan disbursement process through A3S software. 

a) Syncing marketing/sales leads from the internal CRM tool 

Toolyt automatically pulls all the leads lists/ contacts from the internal CRM tool. Additionally, in the Toolyt application itself – 

1) Self-leads are created 

2) Bulk upload 

Bulk Upload

And, using round-robin logic for lead allocation all the leads are assigned to the sales team (based on the parameters of the business use case) 

3) Establishing a real-time 2-way sync with Mobile LOS 

 After all the parameters of leads are completed & verified, qualified leads are pushed to A3S software.  

  • This process eliminates the tedious process of importing and exporting using CSV files, preventing duplicates and data leakage. 
  •  In the end, once all the leads are sanctioned/ rejected (based on the parameters), Toolyt once again pulls all the data and retrieves it and pushes it back to the internal CRM tool. 

Hence, executing seamless sync between multiple tools to make the ‘Loan Disbursement’ journey simple and effective for the NBFC. 


Managing leads effectively, onboarding seamlessly and executing sales conversions faster are three of the most complex challenges faced by the BFSI sector currently in the country.  

And, Toolyt is the ideal mobile lead management & onboarding mobile application for transferring data between third-party applications to make your entire business workflow/use case simpler and more functional. 

Also, adopting Toolyt for its highly-orchestrated integration capabilities makes it a one single mobile application platform for all the teams/departments to have real-time visibility of the sales hierarchy and comprehensive insights into their organization. 

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