4 Reasons Why Customer 360 View is Important to Close More Deals

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According to the study conducted by Gartner in 2022, only 14% of organizations have achieved a customer 360 view. When everyone is pushing hard to get more data on customers, often it paves way for incorrect, bad, and risky data, ultimately leading to negative customer support.

In the current market trends, understanding what customers want from you paves the way to long-term success.

Businesses continue to be enticed by customer data acquisition and utilisation, as consumer behaviour continues to change as channels like e-commerce are adopted.

This is where customer 360 view becomes vital for quick conversions. A sales mobile CRM functions as a portal that builds a stronger bond between the customer and the sales representative. The traditional methods of on-call customer interactions are no longer a way to guarantee a raise in the sales bar.

An elaborately detailed view of the customer about his/her past and present interactions is called customer 360 view and it enables the industry to understand the mind of the customer and work accordingly. A robust relationship with the customer is the linchpin for any sales/marketing-based company.

What is Customer 360 View?

Customer 360 view is an accumulation of a large chunk of data collected and recorded of the customers comprising various touchpoints and interactions that have been done by the customer with the organization, all in one platform. Basically, giving an overview and access to the end-to-end journey of the customers so that you can deliver the best-personalized experiences analysing the data & patterns of the activities. From every product purchase, complaint, newsletter signup etc, everything is recorded and taken into the account.

The customer 360 degree view also helps you to understand the needs and preferences of the customer, helping you to know what the customer may need in the future.

The most important 4 reasons to have a Customer 360 view in mobile CRM

Providing the best-personalised experiences to customers has become vital. And, thus before even pitching the product, sales reps need to be thorough with what the leads/prospects’ preferences are.

Moreover, it is important for the salespeople, as it helps in quick TAT for the deals & allows only contextual engagement with the customers.

Let’s dive into the key points of having a customer 360 degree view

1. Strategic Sales and Marketing Campaigns

The records of behavioural trends & patterns of the prior purchase, interactions & engagement of the customers can be beneficial. It gives an insightful overview of the data that can be used to market the products to customers.

With targeted campaigns to a specific audience and making personalized pitches to the customers, customer 360 view guides the sales reps with an entire sales journey. It makes the business more reliable for the customer. Attracting the interests of customers thereby, ultimately makes way for an increase in sales.

2. Insightful Predictive Analysis

customer 360

A customer 360 degree view allows the sales reps to engage with customers and acquire knowledge about what they need from the business. Collecting and maintaining customer journey records enables businesses to gain a clear picture of their customer’s behaviour.

Moreover, a mobile-CRM software predictive analysis assists businesses in finding the right answers for the sales reps. For instance – the collection of data records helps in predicting customer preferences. By analysing the transactions, accounts, products, service calls etc of the customers, sales reps can predict and have cross-selling opportunities.

This is the most beneficial aspect of the customer 360 degree view where the company can create space for the interests of customers and bring changes in the services accordingly predicting the future.

3. Seamless Customer Service Provider

The most important asset for a Sales-based business is a customer. In order to acquire more customers, a business must provide selfless service to the customers.

Customer 360 view CRM allows businesses to understand the proclivity of customers. This gives the industries a chance to mould their services according to the preferred interests of the customers.

The sales mobile-CRM software allows companies to be prepared with their tools to help customers at any point in time. This inadvertently also means that customers do not have to explain their issues rather, the issue will be solved by the service agents way ahead of its time.

4. Customer Retention & Loyalty

customer 360

Retaining a customer is as important as acquiring new customers. Delivering personalized and prudent customer service makes the customers happy.

With a customer 360 view of customer in mobile-CRM, sales teams can view the data of each customer, thus enabling the sales reps with a better decision-making approach.

An effective communication plan to anticipate the customer needs can help the team have better and faster conversions. As mobile CRM can help the sales teams with daily reminders, notifications about the targeted email campaigns to send out etc based on prior customer activities.


Customer 360 view feature helps get into the psyche of the customer helping the businesses grow in extensive reaches. It does not just rely on the present communications with the customer but looks for a longer relationship with the customer anticipating the future.

It is necessary for organizations to have a customer 360 view view to capitalise on new growth opportunities. A data-driven strategy boosts efficiency and performance by enabling powerful analytics for providing customer support.

Toolyt Customer 360 view: An Ideal Mobile-CRM for Faster Conversions

If you’re looking for a mobile-CRM application which can provide & solve all your sales journey, don’t look beyond Toolyt mobile-CRM.

Toolyt specialises in providing organizations with automated workflows and streamlining the sales funnel for faster conversions.

Toolyt customer 360 view feature completely eliminates the need for multiple tools to engage and manage the customers. It helps connect the sales team with prospects seamlessly to provide contextual experiences.

With sales reps having access to key information in real-time to enable cross-sell opportunities makes Toolyt is the most-prefered mobile- CRM for the field sales teams. And, moreover, it plays a vital part in the digital growth of your organization.

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