Gamification – When The Sales Game Stands Tall

Gamification – When The Sales Game Stands Tall

The ultimate goal of increasing the sales output is the most vital concern for any business. Making gamification, a part of the sales reps’ daily life can enhance their productivity as well as efficiency. Check out how gamification can guide in increasing sales.

Sales is a profession that requires confidence, passion, and a lot of patience. The job insistence is that salesperson achieve targets consistently month after month, quarter after quarter. It is not a one-time performance, it’s a perpetual process. Competition for a salesperson is multifarious – competition from competitors, peers, and compeers within the organization. In this scramble for supremacy, it is easy for salespeople to become unmotivated and debilitated. Gamification will have the answer for this.

In some organizations, due to lack of leadership, focus, and unclear goals sans incentives , it has an adverse effect on sales productivity.

During such cases, you have to give a lot of effort and devotion towards the sales rep and team as a whole to stay ahead and fulfill the targets. In such scenarios, recognition and rewards are the best motivational tools to keep the salespersons on their toes and achieve their goals.

There are numerous ways of motivating salespersons but you have to look for something which goes along with the existing tools, systems, and corporate culture. Something which can be energetic, frolic, and motivational, and at the same time it should be productive.

Companies to come out of the fosse of negativity and underperformance – use various engagement techniques inspired by game design for better performance. Moreover, gamification will increase your salesperson’s engagement which ultimately motives towards better results.

Gamification plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity and efficiency among the sales reps

A Yardstick For Performance:

Before starting the gamification you have to do a lot of groundwork. You have to identify the sales process which is crucial for sales but is overlooked by the salespeople. Additionally, gamification should be built around the sales process and sales funnel as it will be prudent and productive.

The sales rep will be familiar with the existing CRM and SFA system. Also, gamification can be integrated into the existing system so that it will be easy for them to use it.

Sales gamification gives leeway to the sales managers to choose the metrics, by which their teams will be judged and ranked.

Though the gamification might have been initiated for the sales staff, the propaganda of its results throughout the company will give the sales rep more zeal to work. It will encourage sales reps to see which metrics they are hitting and which ones they’re lagging behind. It encourages them to put more work into the sales tasks they need to improve the most.

Immanent and Intrinsic Rewards: Key Aspect Of Gamification

The immanent and intrinsic rewarding system will keep the salesperson linked to the system and at the same time, it will generate required results.

Keep Remodelling The Game:

Design new games on regular basis and revamp the existing gamification schemes to avoid boredom in the selling process. Managers should come with new gamification strategies so that the staff should be anticipating more, which should help them in maintaining motivation and zeal throughout the gamification process.

Brewster’s Millions:

Motivation is directly linked to productivity. The best way to improve the performance of the sales team is by recognition and rewards. The winners of the gamification should be monetarily rewarded. With this concept, salespersons will have a yearning to strive hard and succeed.

The real benefit and purpose of any scheme are fulfilled only if the participating sales reps understand their responsibilities and purpose for serving the organization.

Persistent Reward:

There should be a reward for consistency in reaching the targets and revenues. This will motivate the salesperson to always maintain the leading spot.

Gamification can help enhance the results of the employees. Employees who have a hard time staying focused on their goals can now look at the progress and get a clear picture of their achievements. With a motivated team around you will be able to easily complete your quota and targets.

Gamifying your sales bring more fun to work and increases productivity. Regardless of the size and type of industry, gamification and motivation are correlated.

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