Schindler’s List of Sales Representatives

Schindler's List of Sales Representatives

Schindler’s list of every Sales Representatives is the ultimate goal. The game plan for the sales representative is to build profitable sales and serve the new & existing customers. Goals spell out objectives, responsibilities, and tasks of Sales Rep.

Schindler's list of every Sales Representatives is the ultimate goal. Goals for Sales Representatives are represented in two phases, one set by the company and the other at the individual level. From the company perspective, goal means sales, targets, revenues, and customers. At the individual level, it's to ameliorate the communication and sales skills.

Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. The game plan for the sales representative is to build profitable sales and serve the new & existing customers. Goals spell out objectives, responsibilities, and tasks of Sales Rep.

Like Oskar Schindler, who by the end of the war, risked his life and spent his fortune to save his workers, the same way even the Sales Rep should at any cost achieve the goals.

Six Commandments To Achieve The Goals:

1. Meetings & Co-ordination: Key Aspect Of Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives should have regular meetings with Sales Managers and Sales Heads, to discuss the goals and responsibilities. Meetings should always be proactive and productive. Dissect the plans into smaller actionable ideas to focus on goals.

Sales representatives should maintain good working relationships with other departments like sales administration, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service departments. Therefore, this is to ensure that the company understands customers' requirements and provides an efficient, high-quality service.

2. Sales Numbers and Revenue: Vital For Sales Representatives

The main goal of Sales Representatives is to achieve the sales numbers and revenue goals set by the company. Sales Managers should disseminate the annual sales figures into quarterly and monthly numbers. Hence, this makes the goal look easily achievable, and also it gives the precise sales figure for the monthly goal.

The dual concept of a number of customers and revenue per customer, gives insight, that how much average revenue per customer should be generated. This in turn also gives the exact number of customers to be generated to achieve the goals.

With the dual concept the profitability, as well the comparative sales figures of the previous quarter and year can also be taken care of. Additionally, if the Sales Representatives can follow the simple productivity guidelines then the goals can be easily achieved.

3. New Business:

To achieve the revenue goals, only existing customers will not be sufficient. So the sales representatives must look for new customers. They should follow the regular procedure of acquiring new business – right from lead generation till the lead closer. Schedules should be balanced between existing customers and new customers to generate more sales.

4. Retention:

It’s more economical to retain existing customers rather than acquire a new one. Develop a strong relationship for long-term customer loyalty. Sales Representatives should understand the pain points of the customer's business and business challenges. Moreover, they should aim to become trusted advisers to their customers.

5. Competition:

To secure long-term business, Sales Rep should also guard their customers against competitors. They must maintain awareness of competitors' activities, offers, and pricing strategies. By understanding competitors, you are in a strong position to deal with existing customers.

6. Training and Technology:

Technology is stepping in every aspect of sales and service. Sales Representatives should armor themselves with the latest technology and gadgets which will assist in sales. The company should facilitate the Sales Rep in learning CRM, Sales Automation system and attend professional sales conferences & presentations.

Sales Rep should start using the latest technology, real-time customer data, insights to increase the conversions. Moreover, digitization will help in increasing sales.

Some of the goals a Sales Rep should complete on an individual level are to be proficient in sales.

Improve your Sales skills, by learning new ways to handle objections. Learn to generate quality leads. By learning Time Management, follow up with leads in a more professional way. Always plan ahead to be beyond monthly goals. Also, learn new ways to motivate yourself to be a better salesman. Learn communication skills.

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