7 Useful Tips For Successful Referral Selling

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The key to successful referral selling is to always be prepared and have a strategy in place before you approach your prospects. Referral selling is among the most favored methodologies to get leads and new business. Acquiring new customers, who are recommended or referred by the existing customers, is called referral selling.

The Sales folks regard referral selling as the most effective prospecting method. Organizations follow different sales strategies, individually or with a combination of several other sales strategies, but very few are as effective as referral selling.

Why Referral Selling?

Referral Selling can take place when the existing customers provide the details of the prospects. It is a traditional method of prospecting as it allows you to connect with the prospect. It is a convenient way of approaching the prospects, just by giving the reference of the person who has provided the details. With this method, it is easy to build trust. It’s also a human tendency to be comfortable with known people. Even buyers follow the same principles.

If the recommendation comes from your contacts, associates, friends, and relatives, it will be readily accepted. It clears the clouds of obscurity and paves the way for a smooth sales journey.

Referral selling has to be done systematically and intelligently. Some referral strategies, if implemented as part of your sales strategy, can intensify your sales.

Referral selling
Referral Selling

Never Treat Referral Selling As Secondary Source

Referral selling should be given equal importance, like any other sales strategy. It should not be treated as a secondary source for generating leads. Some organizations treat it as the primary method of business development.

Referral Selling Is Daily & Continuous Process

Referral selling should be your daily sales tactic. It should not be conducted once in a while when your other sources don’t work. Also, make it clear to the existing customers who are your target prospects.

Skill & Respect Go Together

Referrals should not be taken lightly, just because you got the source without much effort. Approach them professionally and give them due respect. If things go wrong, even your referral’s source reputation will also be at stake. The sales team should develop skills to handle referrals professionally.

Additional Resource Not Replacement

Even though if you are approaching the prospects through referrals, project to them, that you are an additional source, not a replacement for their existing arrangements. The prospects are more receptive to the atmosphere of trust and willingness. Craft a well-developed plan to handle all the referral selling. Lay down the guidelines to the team members, about the handling of the referrals.

Keep Your Referral Source Posted

In case you find it difficult to reach the prospects, or if the prospects are unresponsive, you can always take the assistance of a referral source. They can let you know how much effort you can put into each case. The source can advise you on how to proceed without spoiling the relationship.

Learn To Accept Objections & Rejections

Rejections, do happen in all the modes of sourcing, even the simplest selling mode, referral selling is not an exception. Just because you are approaching the prospects through referral does not guarantee that the deal is confirmed. There can be ample reasons for rejections, but you should be able to accept rejections and objections in a positive stride. The fear of rejection should not stop you from asking for referrals.

Offer Gifts Or Points To Referrals

Offer something special or free to the customers who give you the reference. Run the campaign with gifts, vouchers, and commissions. The response from the customers will be good.

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