An easy-to-use mobile CRM with high adoption rates to maximize conversions.

Increase accountability and build lasting relationships with customers through our mobile-ready, cloud-based sales mobile CRM.

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Lead Management

Allocate leads and simplify lead management


Manage multiple deals with unique stages

Customer Visits

Schedule and monitor field activities


Goals & Targets

Set team targets and allow personal goals

Sales Campaigns

Plan and launch every kind of sales campaign


Leverage lead scoring for

Targeted marketing

Qualify only sales-ready prospects with the help of lead scoring. Score your leads based on a pre-defined set of business rules or engagement criteria to get the best deals.

Make selling easier via established lead scoring process for quick deal closures.


Communication & Collaboration

Ensure your selling force have all the tools to close the deals faster via the help of real-time communication channel with the internal team in case of updates on collateral, quotations, etc.

Now, improve TAT and boost the sales performance with the right tools.

Sales simplified with

Mobile CRM

Optimise your sales on the go with all in one-mobile CRM app. Monitor your field sales team's daily routine and capture all the information while on the move to make data-driven decisions.

A powerful smart-mobile assistant to make your business grow and scale 10X.

Save time and resources through automation-driven features. Organize the lead-nurturing process and improve the chances of closure.

Create & manage multiple sales pipelines with unique stages tailored for business needs.

Manage sales pipelines

Instant access to all your customer documentation in one place for an easier selling process

Centralised document management

Track critical sales metrics for business growth with in-depth analytics to save time and scalability.

Actionable Insights


into Multiple Sales Pipelines


of Customers & Prospects


Deal Closures


in Operational Costs

White paper : How to choose the right mobile CRM

Brief journey from desktop CRM to mobile CRM

This is a detailed guide for the companies to choose the mobile CRM solution best suited for the company needs. Mobile CRM adoption is a dicey journey for many. Many companies have tried it before and have made some errors in the deciding and adopting the right CRM.


Let us analyse your current business flow and help you visualise the growth with a custom 1-1 demo.

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“Toolyt has played a vital role for us in reducing the turnaround time for our SME loan file. And, it was very much due to different functionalities like lead management, gamification and other features used by different teams in different departments to collaborate and gain every information in real-time at their fingertips via Toolyt mobile CRM.”

Divya Verma

PDEG Chief Manager, SK Finance - Jaipur