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We created a bunch of eBooks and white papers that helps you learn and practice leading sales management and field sales practices.


Choosing the Right CRM for Managing your Sales Team

The purpose of this eBook is to help you decide the best CRM to choose from, and why mobile CRM is important for your Sales team. Get to know the top items to look at while considering a CRM and the checklists ✅

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A Journey to Success Field Sales Automation

The power of mobility and agility of the salespersons can change the concept of sales. A step-by-step guide to mobilize and automate the repetitive, manual, and time-consuming activities of the field sales force.
Field Sales Forecasting Handbook - ebook

A Handbook for Field Sales Forecasting

Field Sales forecasting is nothing but estimation of future sales. The sales forecast is based on previous sales data, current economic, and industry trends. Accurate forecasting can guide the company on the right path.
A step ahead of Sales Intellience

A Step Ahead of Sales Intelligence

Smart sales persons rely on sales technology to outsmart their colleagues and competitors. Sales intelligence gives complete information of the customer, right from the contact details, emails, and social network.