Manage leads and customer visits

with mobile CRM for banks

Streamline your retail and corporate banking with an effective lead and opportunity management solution. Enhance customer experience via prioritising key experience drivers across the entire journey and maximise sales efficiency.

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Customer 360

Turn conversation into a relationship with data

Upsell & Cross-sell

Manage loans & manage multiple product cycles


Automatic communication with customers via SMS



Real-time performance insights for self and team


Create and assign targeted sales campaign


Reduce errors, own & operate with

Process Management

Use automated business roadmaps to eliminate redundancies. From the collection of docs to disbursing the loan applications, manage everything in one platform in a pre-defined set process.

Plan, track & manage any workflow process to ensure your entire team stays on the same page.

Workflows and rules to

Customise buying experience

Right actions at the right time in sales process are vital. Empower team to build lasting relationships with the customer via pre-defined automated actions like tasks, follow-ups, etc.

Build a dynamic sales process that is completely flexible for the best buying experience.

Unify all the members in the sales with

Activity planning & collaboration

Boost your team's efficiency by automated task allocation, customer visits, and day-to-day activities, to streamline the workflows for a better sales process and increase team performance.

Moreover, communicate & collaborate with the internal team in real-time for any sales collateral if required.

Optimise customer experience with lightning-quick solutions for all the Banking processes


Loan Disbursals


in DSA's Productivity


to Monitor Performance


in Sales Conversions

Capture leads from all sources & referrals via built-in forms across channels with zero leakage

Lead and Referral Capture

Visualize data and track critical sales metrics with BI to improve business performance

Sales and Performance insights

Identify the leads that are ready for closures & automate distribution based on the rule engine

Lead qualification and distribution

Gain real-time insights into stage and team-wise performance for improvement in TAT

Better turn around time (TAT)

Create multiple product opportunities & pipelines with unique stages as per the business needs

Opportunities and Pipelines

Automated workflows for key tasks, and increase efficiency to meet specific business requirements

Workflows & Business logics

White paper : How to choose the right mobile CRM

Brief journey from desktop CRM to mobile CRM

This is a detailed guide for the companies to choose the mobile CRM solution best suited for the company needs. Mobile CRM adoption is a dicey journey for many. Many companies have tried it before and have made some errors in the deciding and adopting the right CRM.


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