Is Technophobia Really Fueling Your Sales Phobia

Is Technophobia Really Fueling Your Sales Phobia

Fear like not becoming a successful salesperson, concern how to become the top salesperson of the organization. The second phobia is Technophobia, the use of technology in the sales process. Here we shall discuss the different technophobias and how they are affecting the sales process with the veil of sales phobia hidden in it.

In sales, we have two types of phobias, one that is directly related to sales. Fear like not becoming a successful salesperson, concern how to become the top salesperson of the organization. The second phobia is Technophobia, the use of technology in the sales process. Nowadays, most companies are using the latest technology to increase sales, they use CRM, LSM, Sales Automation System, and AI solutions. It is a pure case of Technophobia and Sales phobia.

Some salespersons have hidden fear, hatred towards technology, and implementation of Artificial Intelligent Sales Automation (AISA) system. Reasons can vary from person to person, but the main reasons are fear of failure and apprehension that every minute detail of field activity reaches the top management.

Technophobia is "the abnormal fear or anxiety about the effects of technology." The word "technophobia" was first used during the first Industrial Revolution period when a group of weavers had been displaced by machines.

Here we shall discuss the different technophobias and how they are affecting the sales process with the veil of sales phobia hidden in it.

Different Types Of Technophobia


Nomophobia is the fear of being without your cellphone, where "nomo" is short for "no mobile". This phobia was coined in 2010 by the UK Post Office, which was looking at the anxieties suffered by mobile phone users. This technophobia often leads to a lot of stress and causes havoc to mental health.

Moreover, Nomophobia can further be sub-divided into 3 different fears.

Fear of losing reception: You would have noticed a salesperson on long trips, or a new location, to the customer's place, keep checking the screen to see how many signal bars are shown on the phone. Also, they have a constant fear that they might lose contact with the outside world.

Fear of running out of battery power: Salespeople are a little apprehensive in using any latest apps, thinking that it might drain their batteries. This anxiousness can be easily noticed in the reception lobby of any company. Some salespeople waiting to meet the client, try to recharge the mobile using the chargers kept in the lobby. Some of the anxious lots, carry their own recharges, and the moment they find a plug point they start recharging the device. Few worried lots, even, carry power banks with them.

Losing the phone: Usually, salespersons save all the customer-related information on the phone, even the slight thought of losing the mobile will give them nightmares.

Hence, the above-mentioned causes are acting as blocks in process of sales.

Sales Solution for Nomophobia: The main means of communication of any salesperson is mobile and automated sales tools are mobile-based. It will be better to go for mobiles with long battery life. Still, there is nothing to fear about losing the mobile, keep saving the mobile data through one of the backup options available. Even in event of loss of mobile the data is not lost. Additionally, sales data that has been saved through the Sales Automation system is also saved in the common data storage.

If the phone is on, the automated sales application keeps sending real-time action items and updates. Salesperson need not save the calls made to the customers, as AISA has the option of auto-saving customer details without human intervention.


Cyberphobia is a fear of computers. It is a strange but true type of technophobia among salespersons. The very thought of entering the data, the customer information and correspondence, makes them avoid the computers (laptops or any other devices used to record the documentation).

Sales Solution for Cyberphobia: AISA captures the customer data through the mobiles, whilst the sales executives were making calls. The data will be amalgamated with the rest of the company data, so there is no worry about entering the data. At the most, it will be a one-time effort to key in the details. Therefore, you can eradicate this technophobia with ease.

Get Familiar with the Equipment: Don’t hesitate to play with the system and get familiar with the functions. Thoroughly explore the programs on your computer devices. Even if something goes wrong, the technical support team can easily fix it.


Telephonophobia is the fear of telephones. More than the telephone it is the fear of answering the calls. The fear that bosses or customers might call. The thought of being criticized or reprimanded creates fear in the mind. This technophobia has become quite common among sales reps recently.

Sales Solution: Telephone is the main communication link between the salesperson and the customer. Fear to handle calls will send the wrong message to the peers and the customers.

So usage of the latest sales tools will keep all your sales activities in order. AISA will help you right through the sales process. The percentage of errors will be minimal. Similarly, overcome the fear of the telephone with the help of technology.


Selfie-phobia is a fear of taking a photograph of oneself. People always fear that they might not be looking good in the selfie. This technophobia has increased in the last five years after the selfie-boom era.

Sales Solutions: Some of the sales and attendance apps have the option of taking selfies to log in. Don't worry about how your pictures look, instead look forward to logging in to the mobile. The moment you log in you will be getting the daily action items and real-time suggestions.


Expensivetechophobia is the fear of paying for an expensive technology that you have little or no knowledge of.

Sales Solutions: A salesperson will invest in costly expensive mobile and other gadgets which will assist in sales but has the fear of using them. If your office has a separate technical support team, approach them if you face any difficulties. Maintain a good rapport with the technical team. The help center of the product, who will help you if you face any problems. Also, explore the support features, save the user manuals.


Nointernetophobia is the fear of not having access to the internet. The same type of fear as not having mobile connectivity. Persons fear that how to communicate in case there is no internet. Sometimes sales persons keep checking the wi-fi connection the moment they enter a company.

Sales Solutions: If you are on the move it is better to be well connected. As you are online with the customers and back-end teams, at times even if your internet fails nothing to panic about, that is not the end. This technophobia can easily be dealt with among the companies ensuring good wifi internet connection to all their employees.


Drosmartoiphobia is the fear of dropping your cellphone down the toilet. Some Sales person carry the mobile to the washroom when they go to answer the nature’s call. Also, if a person has butterfingers better not take your cellphone into the bathroom.

Sales Solutions: just put a safety cord around your neck so that the fear of mobile dropping is not there.


Formaspassphobia is the fear of forgetting your master password. All the devices right from your mobile to credit cards have passwords. Moreover, salespersons fear what will happen if in case they lose their passwords.

Sales Solutions: Take regular backups, and also save the password in a different device or diary. Anytime even if you forget the password, can always use the backup. Whereas a password for the AISA can approach customer care. So small fears should not be hurdles in the path to sales success.

Sales Automation solutions would have saved the combined data of the company. In sales, there should not be the fear of losing data, internet, or mobile. Moreover, there will be always a backup with the providers.

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