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with Sales collaboration

Ensure your sales teams maximize their productivity, achieve their goals, and boost overall sales performance with the right collaboration tools.

Connect  |  Broadcast |  Approvals

Start selling smarter via the sales collaboration tool

Keep track of every sales update, from real-time collaboration to multi-level approvals to help your sales team sell more - all in one platform.

Connect Module - Chat

Enable real-time team collaboration for regular updates regarding reminders, quick questions, notices via contextual text conversations on one platform.

Broadcast Module - Learning

Guide your team to every step of the sales journey with real-time updates on the digital noticeboard for announcements, updates, alerts etc.

Approval Module - Deviations

Eliminate manual dependencies! Save time with simplified and automated multi-approvals with an option to escalate and CC.

Integrations that Automates your Business Process

Save time by creating an automated multi-approval process for quick closures

Deviations / Approvals

An all in one team collaboration channel for training and learning process

Learning & Collaboration

Trigger overdue activities with easy pre-defined escalation rules for quick TAT


Broadcast messages to the team or have personalized conversations with a context

One to One & One to Many

Capture & measure TAT for every activity to boost productivity & efficiency

TAT Monitoring

Set pre-defined rules and automation to access permissions to update the team regularly

Rules and Automations

Insurance CRM: Improved collaboration & efficiency

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