Lead distribution, automated !

Collect leads from multiple sources and qualify to intelligently distribute leads to the right person based on a set of business logic such as deal amount, branch, product, etc., instantly.


Lead collection & Deduplication

Capture & secure accurate data by removing duplicate leads or merging duplicates

Lead qualification & Scoring

Determine sales-ready leads based on business parameters and assign scores

Lead allocation & Distribution

Automated lead distribution based on predefined rules, Ex- round-robin allocation

Reduce turn around time & monitor

You've got plenty of leads coming into your team's sales pipeline every week by tele-callers, field sales etc. but how smooth is your process to contact and convert these new leads?

Identify & merge


Maintain accurate data in your account by automatically detecting duplicate leads


Lead qualification

Qualify leads on pre-defined business rules & validate with lead behavioural activities

Custom rules

Lead scoring

Set customisable scoring rules to identify and prioritize leads for quick closures


Assignment rules

Auto-assign your best leads to the best sales reps based on specified criteria or rules defined

Power user

Allocation logic

Qualify & refine your lead scoring process for allocating sales-ready leads to agents

Customer interaction


Trigger contexual alerts/reminders to resolve all the customer issues instantly

Sales team / Branch

Location intelligence

Ensure accountability & keep track of your field agents via geo-intelligence



Measure your leads, closures, etc. with in-depth analytics for data-driven decisions

Interested in running a pilot?

Before getting started with optimizing sales efficiency, try 1-1 pilot testing for faster & better implementation for your field agents & internal teams alike.

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