Leads activity report

Track the end-to-end journey of leads, from communication to the next action taken in real-time lead activity reports to sell smarter & faster on the move.


Utilize all the lead activity data to optimize

your sales funnel

Live Insights, Smart Decisions!

Instant access to all the lead activities, stage-wise analysis, and all the data points to make smarter business decisions to close the deals quickly.

Customer 360* Visibility

Get immediate access to all the prior lead buying behaviours or engagement to cross-sell or up-sell the right products to the right leads.

Reduced TAT

Real-time overview of every lead performance analytics to ensure your sales reps close the deals in reduced TAT.

Drive Sales Growth

Via smart lead reports

Drill deep down into your sales analytics via data visualisation to identify lead roadblocks and optimise your sales performance to generate more sales venue.

Monitor Lead Activities

Real-time access to all the lead activities from WON deals to LOST deals on the go

Holistic Lead-Report View

A comprehensive report to track your leads-to-deals conversion rate in the mobile app

Track Customer Visits

Easily keep track of the completed/missed visits to measure the TAT and efficiency of the agents

Optimise Team Efficiency

Compare a variety of metrics to analyse & track how your reps fair against each other

Interested in running a pilot?

Before getting started with optimizing sales efficiency, try 1-1 pilot testing for faster & better implementation for your field agents & internal teams alike.

Frontline acceleration via Gamification

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