Build a fully functional sales team wherever they are.

First and foremost, a mobile CRM will increase sales. Giving sales reps immediate access to their account history, product information, pricing and promotional materials while they’re in the field.

Lead management  |  Activities  |  Customer Onboarding

Accelerate sales growth while on the move with an dynamic selling assistant

Mobile Lead Management

Drive an effective lead management process to ensure you don't miss out on opportunities and stay updated on the deal while selling on the move.

Mobile Activity Management

Do all your sales activities, from nurturing leads to sending sales collaterals, and gain access to crucial information anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Customer Onboarding

Ensure you don't have to toggle between multiple screens, access all the vital docs, customer 360° view, approval etc, for faster onboarding TAT.

Boost productivity and generate more revenue

Only capture refined accurate data with shareable forms for a seamless collection process

Improved Data Collection

An end-to-end access to every phase of the customer's journey with a 360° activity view

Customer 360°

Close more deals in less time & work more on new leads and opportunities with enhanced efficiency

Better Productivity

Access all vital reports & draw insightful conclusions via sales metrics on the mobile app

Insights & Reports in mobile

Track, manage & respond to every case with real-time data at your fingertips

Stronger Customer Service

Get real-time actionable nuggets to execute the following best action for effective selling

Actionable Recommendation

Capture every detail of the sales activities & stay connected with your team at your fingertips


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Driving channel partner engagement via Toolyt mobile CRM

How Sales automation enabled NBFC to increase sales

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