Business Partnership with Toolyt


If you have an existing customer base or targeting the same customer base as Toolyt, you can enroll as reselling partners to upsell to your customers. We work on various models based on the location and size of the business.


If you specialize in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together for a customer, and if you feel Toolyt is the right fit, let's talk to add value to your customer.


If you would like to just refer the lead and stay out of business, this model is for you. We will share the revenue with you on closure for a lifetime, as long as the customers stay with us.


Let us understand how you can sell Toolyt and achieve growth with a custom 1-1 discussion.

You will have the option to choose from Microsoft teams / Zoom / Google Meet

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a freelancer or not associated with any company, can I join?

Yes you can, we work with many professionals, consultants and freelancers across the globe, You will get the same benefits as we give to our partner companies.

How the money will be transferred?

We will transfer money via Paypal, Bank NEFT or online credit/debit cards. Payments will be give to you only when we receive from the clients.

Is it available in my country?

We are not restricted to any locations. We are already in 20+ countries and growing. If you think you can help us put our feet in your ground, let's talk. Email to

Is this Really life-time?

Yes, we will pay you till the customer you refer is with us. We have multiple other models as well, let’s talk. Connect with us on

Can you hide my identify to the lead?

Yes, if you wish to keep it confidential from client that who referred you, we will make sure your identity is safe.