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challenges with mobile solution

Build flexible forms for Retail Chemist Prescription Audit to collect information on the company's own product sales status as well as to gather competitive information using the intelligent mobile app.

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Doctor visits

Find nearby existing and new doctors on the map

Pharmacy Visits

Schedule pharmacy visits based on the promo

Distributor visits

Help to decide visits based on performance


Custom forms

Capture information intelligently via form/bot


Monitor sampling activities & plan activity 


Gain a better understanding with

Intergrations & Customer 360

Integrate all your favourite tools with Toolyt mobile-CRM, and take the leverage of seamlessly accessing all the customer information in detail to deliver the best experience for doctors & providers.

Get an overview of all the prior activities of the customers in one single application.

Data-driven decisions and

Actionable insights

Drive your business performance with the powerful use of data. An instant visibility across different teams' performance with a complete view of field visits, sales growth per distributors, etc.

Real-time visualisation of data to make business-critical decisions.

Improve sales and field visits with

Sales campaigns

Increase the power to boost sales revenue through short-term sales objectives. A suite of sales activities to help sales leaders influence sales teams' performance & motivate sales.

Create, monitor & track sales campaigns in real-time to optimise sales & profitability.

Ensure intelligent data-driven decisions via actionable insights with Toolyt mobile CRM


Pipeline Visibility


in Deal Conversions


Adoption & Implementation


Activity Tracking

Automatically schedule and prioritise all the daily activities of the field agents

Activity planner

Increase CLV via creating and managing multiple opportunities with customised stages

Opportunity management

Ensure accountability & transparency from the field sales reps with a visit-based check IN/OUT restriction

Geo-fencing & geo intelligence

Use customer portfolio data metrics to make the best sales pitch to increase the CLV

Personalise the pitch

Get all the vital info about the products & use 'connect' for effective engagement among diff teams

Learning & collaboration

Leverage all the customer behaviour patterns & activities with powerful metrics to up-sell & cross-sell

Personalise upsell & cross-sell


Let us analyse your current business flow and help you visualise the growth with a custom 1-1 demo.

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More Resources

White papers, case studies, webinars and other resources to learn more about sales productivity.

“The team was super responsive and has a quick throughput rate, it inspired us to use communication to improve sales processes in ways we had never thought of before. We achieved a 600% increase in onboarding.”

Nitin Raj

Director DigiSync FZCO