Untapped leads report

Set pre-defined rules, trigger action on every untouched lead in real-time & power your sales process with only high-quality leads & opportunities.


Real-time untapped lead reports to

maximize the conversions

Improve Turnaround Time

Identify where the process is lacking, keep track of all the untouched leads & make an effective strategy to reduce the TAT and close the deal.

Revenue Management

Never miss out on potential business opportunities with instant real-time visibility to all the untapped lead reports to maximise the sales revenue.

Identify Sales Roadblocks

Assess how you can improve your team to increase the closing rate by analysing the untapped leads and improving the productivity and the sales process.


Insights into the untapped leads

Ensure you don't miss out on any high-value deals to increase your sales revenue effectively by analysing the untapped lead reports with Toolyt field sales mobile CRM.

Trigger Alerts/Escalations

Automate escalation cases to ensure your team doesn't miss out on high-value deals

Real-Time Visibility

Access every vital metric to know the untapped leads, estimated revenue loss etc

Boost Efficiency

Enhance productivity of your field agents with actionable feedback on untouched leads

Compare Team Performance

Identify high-performing reps & ones who are missing potential high-value deals

Interested in running a pilot?

Before getting started with optimizing sales efficiency, try 1-1 pilot testing for faster & better implementation for your field agents & internal teams alike.

More Resources

White papers, case studies, webinars and other resources to learn more about sales productivity.